Ian Eagle Ashanti, The Singer/Songwriter? 

It's a tricky business this whole singer/songwriter thing.  I always assumed that's what I was.  I'm a singer, as most already know.  I've been known to write the occasional song...just five or six dozen...or more.  So, why is it that I'm not considered a singer/songwriter?  Answer?  I think too big.

Typically, a singer/songwriter is considered to be a one woman/man show.  A human and his or her instrument of choice, maybe they can have a two piece rhythm section, against the world, armed with their poetry and their voice.  So, when I take to the stage whirling all around with my multiple costume changes, no one ever stops to think, "...at some point he was sitting on the edge of the sofa with just his guitar, a pen and paper, and he wrote those songs.  I also never tried the one man band thing because my primary instrument was my voice...and still is.  However, it has been brought to my attention, by some my colleagues and my current producer (David Jackson,) that I have improved so much on guitar, as both a player and composer, I must now take to the streets and studios with some acoustic compositions.  Put off the larger production pieces sometimes and record just me and a guitar.  Take to the clubs with just my axe.

Scary, huh?  Who'da thunk it?  That I would ever be good enough for such an honor as to be encouraged to play guitar on stage.  Encouraged to play on my own recordings.  Hell, I'm nervous!  But I'm also inspired and empowered.  Personally, I say I was always a singer/songwriter, but now I'm even better.  On top of continuing my big funk band sound from the days of The Pink Elefant Show, I'm going to do the intimate coffee shop sound and smash it!  The first one will be something I've been working on called Wildwood Girl.  I'm recording it both ways, full production and guitar and vocals.  CAN'T GO COLD TURKEY!

My goal is to release something stripped down every month.  Challenge myself to keep writing and challenge you to keep listening!

R.I.P.  Leonard Nimoy