About who? About me!

Who is Ian Eagle Ashanti? 

Ian Eagle Ashanti, otherwise known as "The Juggernaut," "Supafunk," "The Pink Elefant Show," and "The Party God," is a native Philadelphian who is an all around entertainer.  A self taught musician, Ian is a singer/songwriter and recording artist, who's music shows that he is in fact influenced by every musical genre; however, his compositions seem to derive the heaviest influences from American gospel, blues, jazz, funk, and rock n' roll.  On stage or in front of a crowd he is a river of sweat - working relentlessly to rile up the crowd.  Ian has been quoted saying, "I haven't given them enough, yet!  They can take some more!  I'm not satisfied until they're dead from the excitement!"

As an actor Ian got his training at The Wilma Theater located on the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia, and currently he is writing his own indie film scripts as well as appearing on Dancin' On Air, for which he sometimes serves as a sketch writer.  In front of a musical audience, Ian borrows heavily from his theater training, often going in and out of wild dramatic and melodramatic fits to illicit a response from the crowd.  "Where do the tears come from?  The song was too silly for tears!" an audience member asked of Ian.  Ian just looked at her and said with a smile "Oh, I don't know."  On the inside he said he was cracking up and going "IT WORKED!"