Who Is Ian Eagle Ashanti

 Ian Eagle Ashanti is a native Philadelphian and all around entertainer.  A self taught musician, primarily, Ian is a singer/songwriter and recording artist.  Ian's original music compositions show that he is in fact influenced by every musical genre; however, his compositions seem to derive their heaviest influences from American gospel, blues, jazz, funk, and early rock n' roll.  

As an actor Ian got his training at The Wilma Theater located on the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia, and currently he is writing his own indie film scripts.  A lover of Disney and Classic Hollywood Musicals, Ian loves to incorporate his theater background into his onstage musical performances.  With content that ranges from nonsensical to sexual to sensitive, Ian's music will appeal to music lover's with a wide palette for the true potential of musical expression.  If you appreciate artistic expression that is rough yet elegant, simple yet sophisticated, Ian might be the appropriate artist for you.